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Watch Full Movie: Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Debbie gets a spot on the roster of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, which is referenced only as “Texas” throughout the movie. The only problem is that Debbie doesn’t have enough money to get there on her own. Even her mom doesn’t want to help her, so her friends decide to help her out. All of them get small jobs around town to raise money. One day, Debbie is approached by her boss, Mr. Greenfeld, who first offers $10 to see her breasts. He offers another $10 to touch them, and finally another $10 to suckle them. She realizes that they can get more money by performing sexual favors. She finally gets to go when Mr. Greenfeld offers to pay for everything if Debbie helps him realize his fantasy and let him “score a touchdown”.

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Watch Debbie Does Dallas (1978) full Adult movie in English. This is a story about a small-town girl in Texas following her dream to be a Cheerleader

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