Sexuelle Vibrationen : A Coeur Ouvert (1977) – Full Vintage Movie (De)


Watch Full Vintage Movie Sexuelle Vibrationen aka A Coeur Ouvert (1977) (De)

Watch Full French Vintage Porn Movie Sexuelle Vibrationen aka A Coeur Ouvert (1977) in German. This is a movie about a lady who is not satisfied with her marriage and misses sex with an ex. She misses having sex with another man that she loved in the past but now she is married and not at all satisfied with the sex. While in her marriage, she almost decides to leave her husband for good but then stays. This is a gripping story of a real-life lady who went through this turmoil. Finally, the most special thing about this movie is that it has two timelines. Timeline one: Jaqueline and Antoine are a couple who live together. She is a prostitute and he is her pimp. She does whatever he wants her to do. Timeline two: Jaqueline and Alain. Alain is the architect and later husband of Jaqueline.


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