Ceremony… The Ritual of Love (1976) – Vintage Adult Movie from the Golden Age


Watch Vintage Adult Movie, “Ceremony… The Ritual of Love (1976)”.

Watch Vintage Adult Movie, “Ceremony… The Ritual of Love (1976)”. During a wedding, we flashback to some of the sexual escapades. Not as famous as it should be, CEREMONY is a wedding-themed hardcore porn film that is both arousing and interesting. The lovely and innocent-looking Kristine Heller stars as Nikki, the bride-to-be, in what is probably her feature debut. The format is to have each participant in the wedding ceremony flashback to a sexual escapade. There are so many beauties here that the fans get more than their money’s worth. If the later vignettes had lived up to the earlier West and Heller ones, this would be a classic. Finally, watch this classic that every vintage porn lover should definitely watch.

Ceremony... The Ritual of Love (1976) - Original Poster - vintagepornfun.com
Watch Vintage Adult Movie, “Ceremony… Original Poster.

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